. Harvard University, PhD in Social Anthropology (2016)  
         Dissertation: Creating a Season: Tourism, Sexuality, and Imaginations of Beirut   
         Secondary Degree in Critical Media Practice:  A View from the View
. American University of Beirut, MA in Middle Eastern Studies (2006)
. Boston University, BA in International Relations (2003)

University Appointments & teaching

2018 - current  .  Faculty Fellow & Director of Graduate Studies, Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies. NYU
— “Visual Cultures of the Middle East: Moving Images from Daguerreotypes to Smartphones”
(Graduate Course - Spring 2020)
— “Problems & Methods in Middle Eastern Studies” (Graduate Course - Fall 2019)
— “Places of Imagination: Tourism, Mobility, and Consumerism in the Middle East.”
(Graduate Course - Spring 2019)
— “Digital Methodologies of Middle Eastern Studies.” (Graduate Course - Fall 2018)
“History of the Syrian State” (Independent Study with MA student - Spring 2019)
— “‘Art’ and the GCC” (Independent Study with MA student - Fall 2018)

2017 - 2018      .  Visiting Assistant Professor in Global Studies & Anthropology. University of Pittsburgh
— "Urban Anthropology: The GCC." Department of Anthropology
— “Research Toolkit: Research Design & Methods.” Global Studies

2016 - 2017 . Bok Writing Fellow. Department of Social Anthropology. Harvard University
— “AnthroWrites: Digital Platform for Reading & Writing in Anthropology” (full academic year)

2015 - 2016 . Teaching Fellow. Department of Social Anthropology. Harvard University
— Senior Thesis Tutorial in Anthropology (Distinction in Teaching Award)
— Junior Tutorial, "To Save a Lion: Conservation, Property, & Governance through Hunting." 
(Independent Study with BA student - Spring 2016)

2015                 . Visiting Assistant Professor in Social Anthropology. Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
— "Introduction to Social Anthropology"

2013 . Teaching Fellow. Department of Social Anthropology. Harvard University 
— "Moving Bodies /Moving Meanings: Research & Design Methodology for Junior" 
(Distinction in Teaching Award)

2009 - 2010     .    Teaching Fellow. Department of Social Anthropology. Harvard University
— "Social Analysis - Food & Culture"
— "Social Analysis & Anthropology: Language and Culture"

Fellowships, Awards, & Affiliations

2019  - 2020 .  Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship in the Social Sciences (June - August residency in 2019 & 2020)
2017 -  2018  .  Mophradat Grant for Artists. Full funding for the Digital Methodologies initiative (workshop, residency, + interface)
2016 - 2017   .  Affiliate Researcher, Center for Middle Eastern Studies.  Harvard University
2016 - 2017   .  Social Science Fellow at the Center for Writing and Communicating Ideas.  Harvard University
2016 - 2017   .  Bok Writing Fellow, Social Anthropology.  Harvard University
2016              .  Mellon Foundation Grant, Critical Media Practice: Production Grant supporting A View from the View
2015 & 2013  . Certificate of Distinction in Teaching. Derek Bok Center for Teaching, Harvard University
2015               .  History Design Studio | Hutchins Center - Production Grant supporting: A View from the View 
2014 - 2015    .  Harvard University, Dissertation Completion Fellowship
2014               .  Cora Du Bois Fellowship: Summer Writing Fellowship
2013 - 2014    .  ZEIT – Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, Hamburg: Settling Into Motion PhD Fellow
2013 & 2012   .  Harvard University, Department of Anthropology: Teschmacher Award
2012               .  Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) Best graduate student-organized  panel at the American Anthropological Association. Co-organizer of panel
2010-2012      .  American University of Beirut, Center for Behavioral Research: Research Associate
2011-2012       .  Wenner-Gren Foundation: Dissertation Fieldwork Grant
2007-2012     .  Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University: William Jones 1900 Scholarship
2010               .  Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University: Summer GIS Institute Participant


Peer Reviewed
2011  .  “Hairy Chest, Will Travel: Tourism, Identity and Sexualities in the Levant.” In Journal of Middle East Women's Studies.

2014  .  "Until Forests Become Abundant in Syria: 1945." Portal9: Stories and Critical writing about the City.
2013  .  "The Whispers of WhatsApp: Beyond Facebook and Twitter in the Middle East." Jadaliyya.

Book Chapters
2010  . "Transition Beirut: Gay Identities, Lived Realities. The Balancing Act in the Middle East.” In Khalaf & Khalaf, eds. Arab
Society and Culture: An Essential Guide. London: Saqi.
2006  . “Transition Beirut: Gay Identities, Lived Realities. The Balancing Act in the Middle East.” In Khalaf & Gagnon, eds. Sexuality in the Arab World. London: Saqi.

Book Reviews
2012  .  Review of “Gay Fatherhood: Narratives of Family and Citizenship in America” by Ellen Lewin (2009). In American Ethnologist.

In Preparation for Publication:
.  Syrian Migration and the Figure of the Male Refugee in Lebanon: Understanding the Role of Mobility before and during Conflict.
.  The Whispers of WhatsApp, Part II

Presentations & Conference Papers

2017 .  "Hotels that Hail: Commercialized Hospitality, Infrastructures, and an Industry." Conference: ARCHITECTURE ET TOURISME. FICTIONS, SIMULACRES, VIRTUALITES. Sorbonne. Paris, France. July 2017.

 . "It’s all in the Blues: Watermarks, Re-circulation, and Tracking." Conference: SIZE MATTERS: Knowledge, Storage, and the History of Compression. Harvard University, May 2017.

 . "Cascades of Displacement: Kurdish Syrian Migrant Men in Beirut" Conference: Displacement and the Making of the Modern World. Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Brown University. April 2017.

 .  "Historical Views of Tourism in Lebanon: From Metadata to Interface, A View from the View." Panel: Rethinking Photographic Archives Online. College Art Association Conference. NYC, New York. Feb 2017.

2016 . "HISTORICAL VIEWS OF TOURISM IN LEBANON: From Metadata to Interface, A View from the View." Invited Talk at the Tourism Studies Working Group & Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley. Dec 2016.

 .  "Of Cars, Bridges, Rivers, and Borders: Syrian (Kurdish) Men in Naba’a." Panel: Cities & Histories at the Periphery: Borj Hammoud of Greater Beirut, 1970 - 2016. Middle Eastern Studies Association. Boston, Nov 2016.

 .   "Meteorology of Affect: Tourism, Hospitality, and Infrastructures of Pleasure in Lebanon."  Working Group: Infrastructure in/of the Middle East, Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University. May 2016.

.  " The Creation of a Season: Sensuality, Sensibilities, and the 'Summer' in Lebanese Tourism." Invited Talk in the Media Studies Program, American University of Beirut. Feb 2016.

2015  . "Self, Skin, & Space: Changing Embodiment through Smartphones in Egypt & Lebanon." Conference:  “Corporeality in Arab Public Culture: The State of the Field.”  Co-sponsored by the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences and Humanities (NIAS) & the Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication, Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Wassenaar, Netherlands. October 2015.

.  "Heightened Anticipation: Sensing, Sound and Silence in the Dark." American Anthropological Association panel sponsored by the Society for Visual Anthropology. Panel:  ETHNOGRAPHIC EXCESS, Denver, Nov 2015.

.  "Archive of Mobility: Visualizing Tourism in the Middle East." Workshop: Beautiful Data II. Harvard University metaLAB & Getty Foundation, 10 Day Workshop. Cambridge, MA. July 2015

.  “Anthropology of a Season: The ‘Summer,’ The Senses, and Tourism in Lebanon.” Department of Geography, University of Geneva: Worlds of Desire: The Eroticization of Tourist Sites. Geneva, Switzerland. June

. "Smartphones, Data Plans, & 'Mediated Immediacy' 'in the context of Lebanon." Sponsored by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute in Cairo, Copenhagen University and the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania: Media and Visual Cultures Workshop in Contemporary Arab Societies. Cairo, Egypt. June.

. “The Reproduction of the ‘Golden Age:’ Memory, Materiality, and Postcards in Lebanon.” Swiss Society for Folklore Studies & Swiss Society for Ethnology: Framing, Compiling, Sampling: Sensory Practices in Cultural Analysis. Basel, Switzerland. 

. “Tourism, Mobility and Imagined Freedom in Beirut.” Brown University: 2015 Engaged Scholarship Conference: Sexuality and Queer Imaginaries in the Middle East. Providence,RI.

. “Historical “Visions” of Tourism in Qatar: The Role of Hotels, Heritage & Hospitality.” Texas A&M University in Qatar: Third Annual Liberal Arts International Conference. Doha, Qatar.

2014  . “Intimate Hotels: Producing the Lebanese State through Tourism.” Wenner-Gren Foundation & Issam Fares Institute:Beyond State Failure: New Anthropological Perspectives On The Everyday State In Lebanon. American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

. “‘The Country is on Our Backs’: Placemaking, Hope, and Labor of Syrian Migrants in Beirut.” ZEIT-Stiftung Migration Studies: ‘Settling Into Motion’ PhD Symposium. Berlin, Germany.

2013  . “Privileging Tourism: Infrastructure, Access, and Defining ‘Tourists’ in Lebanon.” American Anthropological Association Conference. Co-Organizer of panel: Connection/Disconnection: Material and Social Infrastructures in MENA Cities. Chicago, IL.

. “Privileging Tourism: Infrastructure, Access, and Defining ‘Tourists’ in Lebanon.” Middle East Studies Association Conference. Co-organizer of panel: Anthropological Approaches to Urban Infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa. New Orleans, LA.

. “Metaphors of Movement & Mitigated Mobility: Tourists, Emigrants, and Migrant Workers in Lebanon.” ZEIT-Stiftung Migration Studies: ‘Settling Into Motion’ PhD Symposium. Hamburg, Germany.

. “Contested Desires: ‘Allowance,’ Mobility, and Tourism in Beirut.” Center for American Studies & Center for Arab and Middle East Studies: Sexual Sovereignty: Citizenship, Governmentality, Territory. Beirut, Lebanon.

. “Hierarchy of Citizenship: Kurdish Identity, Lebanon, and the Syrian State.” Texas A&M Qatar: Ethical Engagements with Globalization, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism. Doha, Qatar.

2012  . “Unsaid Movements: Rethinking Politicized Narratives of Syrian Migrant Men in Lebanon.” American Anthropological Association: Co-organizer for panel: Movement, Mobility, Displacement: Migratory Imaginaries of the City. San Francisco, CA.

. “Unsaid Movements: Rethinking Politicized Narratives of Syrian Migrant Men in Lebanon” George Washington University: The Minority Experience in the Middle East. Washington DC.

. “The Mobility of Desires in Beirut." American University of Beirut: Center for Behavioral Research. Beirut, Lebanon.

2011  . “Becoming Beiruti: Syrian Migrant Men Coming of Age in Lebanon.” Middle East Studies Association: Panelist on: Coming of Age: Rethinking Youth and Childhood in MENA. New Orleans, LA. 

. reREPLACE BEIRUT: Roundtable Discussant. 98-Weeks Art Space. 

. “Becoming Beiruti: Syrian Migrant Men Coming of Age in Lebanon.” American University of Beirut & Issam Fares Institute & Goethe Institute: Youth Sexuality and Self-Expression in the Arab World. Beirut, Lebanon. 

2009  . “Masculinity, Hierarchies and the ‘Bear:’ Changing Gender Identities in Lebanon and Syria.” Andrew W. Mellon Foundation & Sawyer Seminar at UNC Chapel Hill: Gender, Minorities, and Constitutions. Chapel Hill, NC.

Academic Service / Visiting Critic / Discussant:

2012 - current  .  Co-Director of marra.tein: a residency space in Beirut
2015 - 2017      .  Co-Editor, H-Levant list on H-Net
2014   .   Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts. Workshop with BFA/MFA designers in Anthropological methods
2013   .   Darb 1718 Art Space, Cairo: Workshop : Conceptualizing Visions - Writing for Artists. Co-facilitator
2012   .   Rochester Institute of Technology: Photo Arts III – Visiting Critic for Final Crit
           .   Rochester Institute of Technology: Photo as Fine Art I” – Visiting Critic for Final Crit
2011    .   Arab Image Foundation, Beirut: Photography and the Archive – Co-facilitator
           .   Lebanese American University: Architectural Translation - Visiting Jury Panelist
           .   American University of Beirut: Photographic Expression – Visiting Jury Panelist
2010  .   American University of Beirut: Invisible Cities - Visiting Jury Panelist