PARTICIPANT: "Gamification: Virtual & Augmented Reality in Research and Scholarship Workshop."

Participant: "Gamification and Virtual & Augmented Reality in Research and Scholarship Workshop." Harvard University Jan 20-22, 2017

I'm particularly interested in exploring the techniques/technologies of "Gamification" for how it might enter the classroom. I've developed a course over the last year, Digital Methodologies, that presents new approaches to research design pre-fieldwork, and I hope to specifically explore how to integrate ways of thinking/making from this workshop into this course.

Workshop led by Johanna Pirker of the University of Graz. The workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to the basic principles of using gamification and immersive environments. Participants will learn game design and engagement theory and explore how these methods can be integrated into research, circulation of knowledge, and teaching. The workshop will look at how game engines can be used to create 3D-visualizations and augmented and virtual experiences without the need of programming skills. Students will work together in small groups to learn how to create first and simple playful experiences, 3D-models, visualizations and augmented and virtual applications.