PARTICIPANT: Digital Humanities Summer Institute

I will be attend the well known DHSI (Digital Humanities Summer Institute) workshop at the University of British Columbia, Victoria in June 2018.

WORKSHOP I: Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Integration in the Curriculum
June 4-8th
During this workshop I hope to work on the further creation of a syllabus entitled: Digital Methodologies. This course is concenred with reserch design and methodologies that engage a digital landscape as process and product for students across the Social Scienses. 

WORKSHOP II:  Digital Storytelling
June 11-15
This workshop will add to further development of the aforementioned syllabus. One module in that course is for "Digital Storytelling." I hope to explore more options of how students might presents parts of their work (papers/thesis chapter) through various digitla platforms which are a mix of images, videos, sounds, and text.