DISCUSSANT: "Digital Humanities in Islamic Studies." NYU

Served as the discussant for a panel “Digital Humanities in Islamic Studies”

Over the past few decades, Islamic Studies scholarship has been impacted by the incorporation of technological advances and tools. By using digital applications for visual imaging, modeling, mapping, and text and data mining, scholars are now able to analyze and reconstruct their corpus beyond the limitations of traditional methodologies. This panel will open a broad discussion about what new questions can be raised and addressed through these digital techniques. How do these new approaches challenge the traditional framing of different areas of Islamic Studies scholarship? When are these new approaches truly revolutionary, enabling innovative analysis; and when are they merely evolutionary, facilitating but not challenging the traditional methodologies?

  • Dr. Martina Rugiadi (Associate Curator, Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY)

  • Sharon Tai (Deputy Editor, SHARIAsource at ILSP, Harvard)

  • Prof. Oscar Aguirre-Mandujano (History, University of Pennsylvania)


  • Dr. Jared McCormick (DGS & Faculty Fellow Near Eastern Studies, NYU)

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