INVITED TALK: ​ "Historical Views of Tourism in Lebanon: From Metadata to Interface, A View from the View." UC Berkeley

Invited Talk: HISTORICAL VIEWS OF TOURISM IN LEBANON: From Metadata to Interface, A View from the View. The Tourism Studies Working Group and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley. Dec 2016.

This presentation presents a digital platform built around historical visions of tourism in Lebanon. The database was built from a private collection and motivated by larger research questions in my dissertation of sensuality, imagination, and conceptions of place from a 70-year period of physical-mobility-for-pleasure in Lebanon. This talk encompasses the conceptualization, building, and pitfalls of producing a Digital Humanities project parallel to traditional research. How does materiality come to play? What meaningful categories of metadata emerged for inclusion in a database? What is gained and lost in building a database for public distribution, especially around issues of memory and nostalgia? How does an interactive database/project elicit end user experiences through computational processes which is beyond the scope of our writing?