Digital Methodologies (NYU Course)

Graduate Course at New York University in Spring 2019: Digital Methodologies In Middle Eastern Studies.
This is the outward facing site of the course that provokes more conversations about public digital scholarship in the region. The larger course is a survey of artistic, academic, and activist production of digital material over the last 15 years in the Middle East - as well as workshops that introduce and problematize certain “Digital Humanities” tools and methods to students. The course explored the landscape of changing production and dissemination of research in the region, while also addressing how graduate students can think digitally in their own work. The course is made up of 4 modules:
I “Digital Directions of Middle Eastern Studies;”
II: “Maps, Space, and Visualizing Place;”
III: “Archive Fever: Historical Documents and Images;”
IV: “Digital Storytelling: Text/Image/Sound/Video.”
Each module has regional platforms and datasets which motivate and will guide our study. (expanded course materials and “manifesto” at by 10/20/2019- end of Oct 2019).

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