AnthroWrites Interface

In 2016-2017, I was appointed the Bok Writing Fellow in the Harvard Anthropology Department working to develop a Digital Pilot Program, AnthroWrites. With a select group of undergrad concentrators, we created and designed an interface that addressed how freshman enter a discipline (Social Anthropology & Archeology) and learn to “write” and “read” in the norms of that field. We produced a student driven interface that addresses research design and methodology to issues of ethics, and the idea of writing-as-thinking through one's work. 

This method of collaborating in something akin to a “course” meant that our weekly class meetings were about the process of “making:” identifying the problems, conceptualizing larger goals, and creating a product that was realized through various digital iterations across the weeks. This project represents a prime example of my current interests in larger digital landscapes - and how they intersect with my mentoring and classroom engagement.